5 Reasons You Should Have a Financial Consultant

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Recommended Reading

Here are 5 reasons why you should have a professional financial consultant: 

  1. Help you develop a holistic financial plan to achieve your long-term personal and financial goals.  This includes preparing budget and cash flow projections and ongoing meetings to monitor progress toward those goals.
  2. Most individuals don’t have the time, education, experience or desire to understand the complexities of the financial markets and tax laws.  Because time is our most precious resource, it makes sense to focus on family and work commitments and hire a financial consultant to implement your long-term financial plan.  It costs less than you would expect.
  3. An experienced financial consultant can help you avoid common financial and investment mistakes such as trying to time the markets, lack of proper diversification, failure to rebalance your portfolio to maintain the proper level of risk and failing to consider the tax ramifications of major financial decisions.
  4. A financial consultant can provide behavioral coaching to help you manage through times of market volatility and avoid making unwise emotional decisions such as panic selling during a market downturn.
  5. An ongoing relationship with a financial consultant can help you navigate through major life events such as buying a new or second home, the birth of children and planning for college, divorce or marriage, employee benefit elections and of course retirement planning.  A financial consultant can help you determine if you can afford to retire and what are the optimal choices for social security, Medicare and the timing of retirement distributions.

Virtue Asset Management is an independent private wealth management company offering customized solutions and superior customer service to help you grow and protect your assets and achieve your long-term financial goals. As fiduciaries, we have an obligation to provide objective advice and identify the financial solutions that are in your best interest, not ours. As fee only financial planners, we specialize in providing investment management and comprehensive financial planning advice to high net worth individuals. With Virtue Asset Management, you can expect a personalized client experience best suited to your individual needs. 

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